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Nexlinx opened its doors for business, back in August '97, with the clear vision to deliver high quality internet and data services to our clients all across Pakistan. Today, with vast experience in Pakistan's competitive communications industry, today we stand as one of the top communication companies in Pakistan.

Over the years, Nexlinx has developed its reputation as a one of the leaders in Telecommunications. Our name is now regarded synonymous with high quality services which are unparalleled in reliability and unmatched in after sales support.

Our key strength lies in the fact that we can provide customers with a wide variety of business-specific products and services, with comprehensive in-house sales support and technical knowledge to create bespoke solutions tailored to each individual customer's needs. Whether you're looking for fast and reliable Fiber Optic network for connecting your offices or looking for Satellite access in a remote area; Nexlinx is ready to serve all your networking needs.

Over the course of the last few years we have continued to witness great events unraveling before our very eyes, in which Internet has continued to play an immensely important role. The internet has brought us the "Arab spring" and even contributed to the birth of new nations. We continue to witness the Internet shatter the realms of impossibility, and we are just getting started.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the all new Nexlinx; this year Insha-Allah (God willing ) we shall be celebrating our 15th anniversary with our Telephony rollout bringing high quality next generation services to our clients in Pakistan Today, Internet stands as a symbol of freedom and Nexlinx continues to be its flag bearer.

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